Building skills, developing careers

Jaclyn Thorburn, explains how the new training programme from ARMA is designed to attract, develop, grow and retain talent in the industry.

ARMA, the non-profit membership association for residential long leasehold management firms in England & Wales, has recognised the pace of change in the sector and the need to adapt is faster than ever before. To help its’ members stay ahead of the changes and ensure the industry continues to develop talent and maintain high standards of professionalism, ARMA has announced an extensive training and professional development programme, which is open to anyone in the industry looking to further their knowledge, understanding, and their career.

The ARMA professional training programme now includes all areas of residential leasehold management, legal, health and safety and fire management, accounting, insurance, RMC and RTM company management, site staff human resources and general interest. The comprehensive range of courses has been compiled to help to enhance members’ skills and abilities by providing access to continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to bolster the knowledge they have gained throughout their careers.

Dr Nigel Glen, CEO of ARMA, comments: “As we know, this industry – and therefore the workplace – is changing. We’re seeing lots of current and proposed legislation, which will have a direct impact on managing agents, and their staff, so it’s vital that we provide them with all the tools they need to assist with the day-to-day practicalities of undertaking these changes, and ensure their skills remain relevant and career goals are aligned, in an ever-evolving sector.

“We understand that robust training and career development opportunities are brilliant recruitment and retention tools for our Members too, so our programme has been designed to develop the next generation of professionals in our industry, with a focus on professional and personal development.”

The training course programme will give hundreds of people access to high-quality learning and career development opportunities, and practical support at a time when the sector is in the spotlight. Our extensive courses and wide range of topics, designed and delivered in partnership with industry leaders and experts, will help widen access to the leasehold management industry as a career choice, increase the opportunity for people to develop their skills, and strengthen the professionalism of the sector at a crucial time.

Uniquely, ARMA has also created two recommended residential leasehold management career pathways, specifically designed for those building a career in the sector, whether starting from scratch or making the transition from lettings management. Covering a period of up to three years, the individual training courses are combined in a pathway, to create a professional development plan to support long-term career progression.

One Junior Property Manager who has already kick-started her career with the help of the new training course programme is Lara Bunter, of SPL Property Management:

“As a newbie to Property Management, I was a little apprehensive that I would not understand the course and that it would be information overload,” recalls Lara.

“I needn’t have worried - the trainer was not only incredibly knowledgeable, she went through the course detail to suit a pace of everyone involved and welcomed many, many questions! I came away with more knowledge than I thought could be possible from one day’s learning, a course workbook that I still refer to, as I am revising for my IRPM Foundation Exam, and a newly informed view on my day-to-day job”, Lara explains.

ARMA is also launching a series of resilience and leadership training courses, which will be added to the programme in the summer.

Dr Nigel Glen concludes: “The ARMA training courses we have devised are both enriching and rewarding, and will provide valuable, topical, and technical insights that will help managing agents and their staff to continue to grow and progress, whether they wish to advance their career, or are just beginning one.”

Jaclyn Thorburn is a Business Development Manager at ARMA.

For more information on the full range of training courses, webinars, career pathways and in-house training opportunities available from ARMA, visit their website where you can also book online, or call 0207 978 2607.

Reviewed: July 2019