Gated Estates

Belinda Thorpe, Managing Director of Residentsline, looks at the key requirements of gated estates.

At Residentsline, we are aware that most properties have very individual requirements. However, with specific needs comes the inevitable difficulty of finding insurance cover which is both wide enough to protect you against all damages and liabilities, yet also specialised enough to cover the individual features that make your property unique. It is your responsibility to ensure your property is kept to a standard which promotes a safe and regulated living environment for your residents and visitors alike. This article will address the specialist needs of gated estate maintenance.

Whilst still considered quite rare, there are over 1,000 gated estate communities across Britain. Favoured for their heightened security and tight-knit communities, gated estate properties are a popular choice for those who can afford them. In terms of insurance needs, it is quite apparent that properties within a gated community have slightly different requirements to that of an average street-side building or residential flats. Whilst a gated estate residence is celebrated for the internal facilities it provides for its residents, the responsibility of these communal areas can easily become a source of contention amongst residents if not managed appropriately.

There are a variety of features within a gated estate for which residents have a shared responsibility. However, this depends on the estate in question. Some may have street furniture or playground equipment, whilst others may feature sports facilities such as golf courses. As such, the insurance policy acquired for the estate needs to be specific enough to address each feature, yet still wide enough to cover all gated estates in general.

What you should consider

As discussed, gated estate communities are varied in their features and as such, it is imperative to acquire a policy which adheres to such differences. In response to this, here at Residentsline we have created an insurance policy which is wide enough to encompass all the differences of every gated estate, yet still specific enough to ensure comprehensive cover. As one of our newly designed policies, our Roads and Private Estates Insurance covers accidental material damage to communally owned property as standard, as well as covering outbuildings and other structures such as:

  • Car parks/car ports
  • Lampposts and street furniture
  • Roads, pavements, paths, gates and fences
  • Bin stores
  • Playground equipment
  • Re-landscaping costs
  • Fixed fuel oil and liquid petroleum tanks
  • Underground services, septic tanks, cesspits and pumping stations

Internal communal areas are one of the staple features which distinguish a gated estate property from a standard street-side residence. As part of our Gated Estates policy, we also offer Communal Area Insurance, provided on a ‘no sum insured’ basis. In addition to this policy, we also provide Employer’s Liability and Property Owner’s Liability cover:

  • Employer’s liability – this form of cover protects those who are considered legally liable for any accidents or injuries to employees working on the property - maintenance staff, cleaners and gardeners can all be included.
  • Property Owner’s Liability – this cover is aimed towards protecting those that own, use or visit gated estate facilities such as gyms, tennis courts or swimming pools (as well as other property features such as un-adopted roads). With the benefits of these facilities comes a responsibility for their maintenance as well as a liability for those using them. The limit of indemnity for this cover is £10,000,000.

Whilst property maintenance is a multifaceted responsibility, it is incredibly important in ensuring the wellbeing not only of your tenants, but for you as well. By seeking comprehensive insurance cover, you are giving yourself the best chance of achieving the highest maintenance standards your property can have.

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Reviewed: September 2019