Insurance for Let Flats

Products to consider if you are a Landlord

Deposit Replacement 

 Although requesting a cash deposit when you take on a new tenant has been the normal procedure, now there is a quicker, simpler and more suitable alternative: a "Tenant Deposit Legal Protection Policy"

From only £75 inc IPT we can provide you with more than a traditional deposit can, including:

  • Legal costs and expenses - up to £50,000 to negotiate settlement of any dilapidation claims
  • Legal costs and expenses - up to £50,000 to pursue your legal rights if your tenant has absconded before dilapidations inventory was completed

A deposit is not a legal requirement and can also be a heavy administrative burden for you as a landlord, why not pass the job over to the experts?

The benefits for you:

  • No need to hold a deposit in a tenants deposit scheme
  • No excess to pay in the event of a claim
  • No hassle with the tenant

Overall, less hassle and less admin and no cost to you as you can re-charge the premium back to your tenant.

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Provide complete coverage with a Landlord Legal and Rent Protection Policy

For only £95 inc IPT we can also provide:

  • Repossession costs – up to £50,000 to pursue your legal rights to gain vacant possession of your property
  • Rent Protection and Rent Recovery – to cover unpaid rent due to you under the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • Damage to your Property – Pursuing your legal rights against a tenant or another party who has caused damage to your property

 Both policies shown above are 12 month policies and can be purchased separately or together.

 Also available is Landlords Emergency Assistance from just £170 inc IPT per annum...or you could answer the phone when it rings in the middle of the night?

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 For more information call Residentsline's Deposit and Rent Team on 0800 281235.

Reviewed: September 2019