Cleaning & Maintenance

Each maintenance programme should be tailored to suit that building’s unique characteristics, such as its age, construction method, overall condition and any objects that will eventually require repair or replacement. In this article we would like to look at maintenance and the reasons it is absolutely necessary for all buildings to ensure they have an effective maintenance plan:

Reasons for Maintenance

There are many good reasons to keep up with maintenance. too many to list here but the obvious being:

Legal requirements – landlord’s/RMC/RTM etc covenants to maintain and repair.

Statutory compliance - lift inspections and electrical testing are just two examples of this.

Safety reasons – falling tiles or other hazards from lack of maintenance.

Residents’ comfort and safety – a well maintained building should also include a safe well maintained, clean communal area. This will include keeping hallways clear with appropriate signage and enforcement. A well maintained communal area allows a well-lit escape route, safe from hazards. This also promotes pride in the building and better rental and resale value.

Cost effective - early intervention is likely to save higher costs in the future.

Reduces insurance costs - a building which is not maintained is more likely to incur water damage and claims and will find its premiums rise and costs.