60 seconds with Gareth Lomax, Director at Ardent Lift Consultancy

We had the pleasure of meeting Gareth Lomax, Director at Ardent Lift Consultancy.  Scroll down to find out what keeps him motivated, his proudest achievement and more.  

You founded Ardent Lift Consultancy in 2012, what was your vision behind this?

I started in the lift industry as an engineer, which gave me a good hands on experience to understand the problems lift contractors face when installing or maintaining lifts. This often gets forgotten and people overlook just how difficult the job can be, so every project we get involved in, we look at the practical application of the works to pre-empt problems before they arise (this helps to prevent over runs to programme and has resident’s lifts up and running as swiftly as possible).

What does your job involve day-to-day?

We survey lifts, write reports and project manage refurbishment and installation works. We are often the first call property managers make when they have a lift issue, where we can offer impartial advice, so as a result there is lots of the day spent on the phone – that and emails!

What keeps you motivated and enthusiastic?

Getting results is always the best part of the job, attending a site with a neglected lift which the residents won’t use as they are “afraid” of it and knowing we can return them a safe and reliable lift, with a bright and comfortable lift car is always rewarding.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

There’s always time for tea. Irrespective of what field people work in, correct planning can save so much time, effort and money, yet time constraint often lead people to make a rash decision (particularly in this age of instant communication). I always try to find time to evaluate a situation and sit down with clients and contractor to ensure we’ve covered all the foreseeable issues ahead of time – what better way than over a cuppa!

What is your proudest achievement?

I would have to say running my own company and seeing year on year improvements in both the performance of the business, but also in the services we offer our clients. Repeat custom is something everyone in business should be very proud of, as it is a difficult and competitive marketplace out there, whatever business you are in!

What drives you crazy about property managers?

I work with a great number of property managers and the issue they all seem to face is time management (whether they are on top of their workload or not), as they are dealing with dozens of different personalities (some good, some not so good) who are trying to get their own way. I respect anyone who can keep on smiling when the people in the blocks are at war and are trying to use the property manager for their own will.

I think sending some experienced property managers to the Brexit negotiations to mediate would be a worthwhile idea!!!

Ok, what drives you crazy about the lift industry?

I am very proud to work in the industry, which boasts some of the most motivated and talented people I have had the fortune to meet. However, like many industries, there are often people who take less pride in what they do, with poor equipment and workmanship getting a good industry a bad name. Often this is a result of budgets being driven down, with wages rising and equipment being more expensive, there will always be something that has to give in this scenario and it is always the residents/block managers who suffer. When a consultant is engaged at an early enough point, this can be avoided.

What's happening right now?

We are undertaking some presentations on the UK lift industry and looking at the changes to the lift regulations which are already in place, but become mandatory by September 2017. As well as that, we have a number of exciting projects underway across the UK, with refurbishments, replacements and new builds all forming part of our current workload.

What do you do away from the office?

I am allowed time out of the office?!? Outside of work, I enjoy the great outdoors, be it running, walking or just taking in the vista. I have plans to spend a couple of weeks next year in the Himalayas, trekking the region, which will tick the off my third natural wonder (so only four more to do).