Social really didnít stay static - The Results

James Biley updates on #CargoTeamOnTour

Well I think it would most probably be fair to say that #CargoTeamOnTour Part 2, as it has now ended up being branded, really didn’t stay static and along with some great collaboration and unexpected opportunities we had a great day! – a busy full on one as live events can be, but a really engaging tour that continued to reap rewards across all our social channels.

Coming up with a concept and executing it with success is one thing, repeating that success and attempting to go one better with the same concept is a challenge in itself.  It’s like a really good film isn’t it, you see the original and love it and then there’s the sequel, first you’re really excited to see it but if it doesn’t meet your expectations and bring back some of that original quality… eeek, was it worth it?!

Ok, even I’ll admit I didn’t know exactly how the second tour would run on the day, and yes you plan but the reality is things can and will change at the last minute and its more about how you manage those situations that often affect your end results. 

So, how did the day run?

My approach to #CargoTeamOnTour Part 2 was really, to replicate the opening scene, mixed with a little bit of a different intro, hence our 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 video and start the tour in the familiar way. 

Now normally we’d be overjoyed to see the sun but when it’s rising directly behind the building you are trying to film my first challenge was a practical one – I’m shooting directly into the sun! Well hopefully that wasn’t overly noticeable but while the Liverpool tour busses were positively radiant (I really do hope the tour company have seen this video!) The Cargo Building looked significantly darker on this shoot!.. (Honestly it was fine, 5 takes later).

Stop Press!

Suddenly no more than 10 minutes into the tour we received a tweet from someone who wanted to view and was only around for one day.  Now naturally everyone wants to book in a potential applicant as soon as possible but I was instantly thinking just how cool would it be if they got their viewing via social engagement, and what a brilliant story it would make if they actually rented an apartment…  well more on that later but needless to say the viewing was booked in!

Onwards… and the local business engagement started when yet again we were presented with another, non-planned opportunity.  It just so happened that The British Style Collective were in the city presented by The Clothes Show and we were asked if we wanted to head back stage and check out the rehearsals ahead of the live shows at the weekend.  I think it took about three, maybe two seconds for me to say YES! Now not only did we get some great behind the scenes exclusive shots but one tweet generated 2,283 impressions alone and a second tweet generated 4,667!  That’s some great social PR on its own without the combination of everything else so it just goes to show you (and I know I’ve said this before) but you really never know the power of your communications.

Ok so I’m not going to keep going stage by stage through the tour and some of the images I actually posted on day two simply because there was so much going on but if you take a look @CargoBuilding on either Twitter, Instagram or search Cargo Building on Facebook you’ll be able to see the story unfold for yourself. Hopefully if you followed on the day you will have seen mixed across our channels and live example of how a social tour is actually put together and executed.

So how did we do over all?

Well what goes on tour stays on tour, but with thanks to the added support of Flat Living Magazine on Twitter which was truly appreciated, I’m happy to share with you that we actually did rather well indeed and surpassed the statistics of our original tour.  Yay! 

Our first reports showed that twitter was generating over 12.2k of impressions and our second report showed a further 9.3k’s worth of impressions had been gained. 

Instagram reported over 4k of impressions initially and a further 1.2k in our second report. 

Even our Facebook channel which has only recently started reported a reach of over 240 for the combined videos.  Essentially our message was reaching people and it was generating some great publicity for our brand and product.

It gets even better

And if you’re looking for some more results, we achieved our first social sign up of two tenants – tweeted in the morning, viewed in the afternoon and have now secured their apartment at The Cargo Building! Oh, and were happy to take part in our tour! 

Really, what more could you have wanted?  #CargoTeamOnTour Part 3…  well, watch this space!

Our tour was made possible with thanks to the exceptional support of the local businesses and community. Our thanks and gratitude goes out to all who took part and engaged both on and offline across all our social channels.  Equally our thanks extends to those who viewed on the day and gave their support to our social tour.

Do keep watching our social channels for further updates and remember if you have a story of engagement that’s been inspired from any of our #BeMoreSocial articles just tweet to @FlatLivingLoves and @JamesBiley for the opportunity to be featured.

James is now Marketing and PR Manager for Countrywide's Estate and Asset Management and Property Auction divisions.

The #BeMoreSocial column was created for Flat Living and its goal is to drive more effective communication within the property management industry.

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