Fixflo Block (“Block”) provides the means for block managers to centralise and streamline on-site maintenance, giving them conformity, oversight and control. Block allows for the reporting and resolution of reactive repairs, as well as the management of planned and preventative maintenance.

Key features and benefits

  • Occupier repair reporting – intuitive means for occupiers to report issues with in-built guidance and diagnostics
  • Work instruction – manage issues through to completion including invoicing and a full audit trail. With a few simple clicks contractors can be invited to quote, be sent purchase orders, and reminded to upload reports and submit invoices.
  • Contractor certification - ensure you engage only valid service partners
  • Planned and preventative maintenance (“PPM”) - automate the instruction of all planned and statutory works via Block’s “set and forget” functionality
  • Statutory compliance reporting - instant visibility over risk exposure across your entire block portfolio

The system also offers the following in support of its main features:

  • Stakeholder management - two-way communication in system evidenced within a complete audit trail
  • Block broadcast functionality – send out messages to residents as well as official leaseholder communications

What types of client reporting are available?

Fixflo has a number of pre-set reports available to block managers which can be readily exported to excel or PDF. In addition the system allows for block managers to automate delivery of reports via email at a schedule and covering a date range that works for them

Is there web access?

Yes. The system can be accessed from a computer or smartphone as necessary.

What information can residents see?

Reporting occupiers have the option of creating their own logins. This stores address and contact information, meaning that future issues can be reported more quickly. This also allows occupiers access to the messaging functionality within the system, allowing for ongoing updates. Agents can give permission for occupiers to see past issues raised at their blocks as well, useful to avoid repetition of reporting.

What information can Directors see?

The system allows Directors to have complete visibility over the repairs cycle across individual blocks as well as their entire portfolio.

Issues that are reported are visible and actionable via Block’s workflow dashboard, with Directors able to drill down from a complete portfolio view to issues at an individual block level. The workflow management aspect of Block also allows Directors to track which agents have responsibility for issues, which contractors have been assigned to resolve those issues, and how far progressed those issues are towards resolution.

The system also allows Directors to track the status of their contractors’ certifications, with notifications received when certifications are approaching expiry.

On the proactive maintenance side Directors are able see the complete PPM schedule for each block in a calendar view, making it easy to track ongoing and upcoming service events. The PPM schedule in Block has an intuitive traffic lighting system, making it easy to track which line items are in or out of compliance.

Directors can view PPM schedules (and by extension risk exposures) across their entire portfolio, with filters available to easily view the status of statutory line items.

At any time Directors have access to a complete audit trail relating to each issue managed via the system. This includes correspondence, email engagement, and documentation.

Is there a mobile site for residents?

Yes. Occupiers are able to report repairs online. This can be done via smartphone (as well as computer or tablet), with an option to download a web application that places a reporting icon directly onto the occupiers’ home screen.

How are faults reported?

Occupiers report any issues that arise online. Managing agents can also use the system to report repairs. This reporting is done through a picture-based system that allows for precision in the reporting of issues, supported by a translation tool that allows for reporting in over 40 languages. Photographs and videos can also be uploaded to provide additional granularity. The system provides customisable in-system guidance and advice through the reporting process.

Managing agents receive notification of new issues via email, with issues then populating into the workflow management dashboard to be actioned.

Occupiers are asked to provide the address of the unit within the block where the issue has arisen. This information allows for the issue to map against the correct block in-system, meaning that the agent associated with that block is immediately made aware.

Is it ARMA / RICS compliant?

Block is fully compliant with ARMA and RICS requirements.

Is it cloud based or in office hosted?

The system is cloud based.

Are diaries / reminders for follow up provided?

Yes. The system provides a framework for workflow management associated with repairs. Consequently, the system will support each step in the workflow with reminders and automated follow ups.

Additional features

  • Block allows agent users to select contractors based on the type of work that they do, as well as via a geo-location feature that can select contractors within a distance from the property set by the managing agent
  • Auto-generation of purchase orders when work is instructed to contractors. In response contractors are also able to use the system to generate invoices
  • Contractors are able to set up their own logins and manage workflow in system

What can be automated for the property manager?

One of the key features of Block is that it allows managing agents to set up the PPM schedule for each of their blocks. Once this has been done the system will automatically engage contractors at dates pre-set by the agent to action PPM service events.

On the reactive repairs side the system allows for automated follow ups with contractors, ensuring they provide updates on work they have been allocated. The expiry dates of contractor certifications are also tracked, with agents automatically notified when new certificates are required.

The system can also provide agents with automated emailing of key reports.

What support is available for the managing agent from Fixflo?

Customers benefit from ongoing technical support and training, with resources available online, over the phone or via in person sessions.

How is data migrated for a new managing agent using the system?

Upon take up of the system information relating to the customer’s block portfolio and associated landlords, the units therein and their leaseholders as well as their contractor base can be uploaded by Fixflo via a number of import templates. Customers can easily upload and manage information on an ongoing basis in system.

Are there additional modules or add-ons required?

There are no additional modules or add-ons required.

About your Fixflo

Fixflo is a leading repair reporting software. Used by over 4000 agency branches in the UK, the software allows tenants to report maintenance issues using their device – saving time and money for everyone involved.

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