60 seconds with Janie Strange and Jeff Platt

Having attended all of the recent IRPM Regionals, Flat Living were delighted to meet with Janie Strange and Jeff Plat, the outgoing Joint Chief Executives of the IRPM, and find out their biggest achievements with the IRPM and their plans for the future.

You have both been involved in the IRPM since its launch in 2002, how was the organisation created?  What is the history?

It morphed out of ARMA’s Education Committee following a visit to Australia  to look at ‘strata title’ management by David Hewitt, the then CEO of ARMA. The IRPM was created as an independent professional institute with the support of ARMA, ARHM and PMAS. 

What were your goals and objectives for IRPM?

To improve and set standards within the sector generally. To provide independent accreditation and recognition for residential block managers, thus establishing a distinct career path.

Did these objectives change over the years?  

Not really;  they are still as valid today as they were in 2002. It is pleasing to see how the objectives have been met and the sector now demonstrates standards and best practice which are well above those that were common prior to 2002. With membership growing by around 13% per annum, there is clearly still a demand for the accreditation and independent reassurance we provide.

What has been your biggest achievement at the IRPM?

To have grown its membership to nearly 4,000 and to have recognition of our status as a professional organisation by government, the profession, industry and consumers. The IRPM is regularly cited for being instrumental in changing the public perception of the sector over the last 15 years.

What do you think the future holds for the IRPM?

Ever increasing membership growth.  We are about to launch a new apprenticeship scheme and a new qualification for those involved in managing institutional-type build to rent properties. This offers exciting new challenges to ensure that property management consistently meets the high expectations required by the institutions.

Who has inspired you most in the industry?

Janie – Jeff!

Jeff – Janie!

What will you be doing now?

We both lead busy lives as consultants within the property management sector. Hopefully we may have a little leisure time. Janie is hoping to get a golf handicap whilst Jeff is hoping to make golf less of a handicap; hopefully breaking 120 within the next year!

We understand that you will still both be involved with the IRPM, what will you be doing?

Having been involved in the successful growth of the institute for so many years we are not desperate to run away and go ‘cold turkey’. It is likely that we will both be allocated some development projects over the next year but the details will be up to our new CEO, Andrew Bulmer. We will not be treading on his toes and he may politely tell us to 'go away'! We'll both take the hint should he presents us with golf balls for Christmas!