Energy Efficiency

Combined Heat & Power

John Ward explains what is it and why you should be aware The planet is heavily reliant on fossil fuels to provide our energy.... more »

The future is electric

Jamie Willsdon is a director of Future Group and its subsidiary, Future Fuel, which is partnering with Wallbox to deliver a simple... more »

How future-proof are your blocks?

In 20 years’ time electric vehicles will be the norm on our roads - and where there are EVs, there must be charging facilities,... more »

Electric Vehicle Charging

With 1 in 5 adults thinking about buying an electric vehicle in the next three years, now is the time to make sure your blocks are... more »

Electric charging- let's start the conversation

Now is the time to start thinking about charging facilities at the blocks you manage, says Jamie Willsdon In January, Future Group... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Electric Vehicles in Residential Leasehold Management Developments

If you are thinking of asking your Managing Agent if you can have an electric charging point for your electric vehicle then there are... more »

Insulation, F**&**G Energy Performance Ratings & Fire Safety

If you manage flats, you will have thought about insulation. If not before, then the tragic recent events at Grenfell Tower... more »

How to cut energy costs

By Ken Warner, Managing Director, Energy Renewals Landlords, property managers and residents management committees should cut energy... more »

A low carbon future is a must

Here at Energy Renewals, we like to bring news items of interest to your attention and last week it was a piece in The Guardian which... more »

A Special Time of Year. Clock Changes and other Spring Time Thoughts

As winter starts to release its grip and spring leads us to summer, we come to March one of the high points in the Christian calendar... more »

UK needs to be more energy efficient in order for government targets to be achieved

The UK could miss its 2025 climate change targets if households do not do their bit to drive more efficiently, recycle food waste and... more »

UK homeowners are being forced into debt by taking out loans to pay for energy bills

The price of energy bills is becoming a massive strain for homeowners at the moment and people are taking out loans to pay for their... more »

Cavity Wall Insulation

With Green Deal making the headlines on a regular basis, it is easy to get caught up in the negative stories and miss the benefits.... more »