Water Damage Prevention

Water Damage

Have you ever looked at your insurance renewal documents to find your Buildings premium has risen well beyond inflation? Often... more »

 How to handle frozen pipe emergencies

A frozen pipe is an emergency, because this will cause it to burst causing thawed water to come pouring from the break. The following... more »

How to help prevent water damage

Preventing leaks in flats Escape of water is a particular problem in a blocks of flats, accounting for up to 50% of the annual total... more »

How to minimise the risk from weather related damage to your flat

Britain's flood warnings are abating, but as we enter the winter months the new threat is cold weather. Sainsbury's home insurance... more »

Water damage from the flat above

QUESTION: I live in a flat below a large balcony belonging to the penthouse flat above mine.  For two years I’ve had leaks... more »

Keeping your flat leak proof

Flooding due to heavy rain is something that homeowners can’t prevent – they can only make sure they are prepared for the... more »

How to handle burst pipe emergencies

A burst pipe is classed as a water emergency - it can cause serious damage to your flat's structure and electrical wiring. The following... more »