Manage Your Block

Software for self-managed Resident Management Companies

Manage Your Block software is easy to use and can provide access for just one Resident Management Company Director or all of the Directors, as well holding all of your resident leaseholder’s information in a safe and secure manner.  

Manage Your Block brings all of your information together easily and intuitively in one central place, doing away with the need for piles of paperwork and document folders. You can access your insurance information and risk assessments, notify residents about information and even request quotes and create work orders. 

Darren Bagnall - Manage Your BlockDarren Bagnall, Head of Operations at Manage Your Block says “Working with Resident Management Companies of self-managed developments on a daily basis allows us to see and understand the issues that they face. Many were finding it hard to keep on top of tasks that were required, communicate with leaseholders and access the information that related to their block. All of this information was stored in one physical location or shared on spreadsheets (which opens up a whole other discussion). 

We created Manage Your Block as a way to make RMC Directors' lives easier – they already take on the role of managing their block of flats unpaid and generally unappreciated, so creating a web-based software tool that is easy to navigate was identified as the best way forward to make their life a little easier.”

Easy to navigate

The first point that research identified was that Manage Your Block needed to be intuitive and easy to use. RMC Directors come from all walks of life, so we needed to make sure that all Directors were able to navigate and find information quickly.

We designed the dashboard area with this in mind – providing one central location where at a quick glance you can see all your blocks' information, a calendar to see when actions are due, as well as information about quotes and work orders that are in progress.  

This central area within Manage Your Block is your first port of call when you log in and then you can easily navigate to areas that need your attention or find the information you need.

All in one place

We also discovered that Directors were struggling to find copies of documents that they required. Finding out when a risk assessment was last undertaken and obtaining a copy of ithe certificate often meant searching through paper files which were also often in a fellow Directors' flat.

The Documents section within Manage Your Block now holds all of this information in one place.  It’s simple to upload a document, just like attaching a file to an email, and all Directors have access and can view the document as well as any associated actions that are required.


Why do you need a calendar you might ask?  You’ve probably already got one on your wall or your phone. The Calendar within Manage Your Block provides you with all of your reminder dates in one place.  When is the next fire risk assessment due, or when do you need to renew your insurance?  The calendar shows you all this information at the touch of a button, and takes you to the associated document, rather than you having to write it down somewhere else.  

Contact / Alerts

The RMC Directors that we spoke to all said that they were struggling to keep on top of resident leaseholders details. If a property was sold, information relating to the leaseholder had to be updated on a spreadsheet and that information passed around again to all Directors, who then had to make sure they saved the latest copy – not a particularly secure method and one that left Directors open to potential problems.

The Contacts section of Manage Your Block was created to address this.  All resident information is stored in an area that is easy to navigate and includes all of the leaseholder information so that you know you are looking at the correct and latest information.

There are also categories within Contacts so that you can identify who is a Director, Secretary or a leaseholder, as well as a section for letting agent details if the property is rented out.  These categories can be changed to suit your building and what works best for you.

Now that Directors know they have the latest information, they told us they wanted an easy way to contact all of the residents at once. It might be that they wanted to alert them to works that were being carried out or even their next AGM. Rather than copying and pasting all of the email addresses, we created our Alerts area – now you can select the residents that you would like to contact, type the message and even upload a file.  The message will then be sent to each of them via email and it’s another job done. 


Our RMC Directors research highlighted that insurance was an area that caused them worry and was high up on the list of concerns that they had. As well as wanting to make sure they got the best price, they also wanted to know that they could easily handle a claim if it was required.

And so our Insurance and Log a Claim areas were born!

You can view all of your insurance details in one place so it’s easy to see what cover you have, and if you’re a Residentsline customer this is automatically added for you.  

In addition, if you are a Residentsline customer you can simply and easily log a claim in a few quick steps directly in Manage Your Block. This information is then saved and all of your Directors can see what progress is being made with your claim.

Software to save Residents Management Company Directors time

Manage Your Block is a low-cost solution with high productivity results at just £100 for 12 months.  If you would like to find out more about how Manage Your Block can save you time and make your life easier then take a look at our videos – you can find them here

Reviewed: September 2019