Voyager Residential - Yardi

Voyager Residential claims to be the only end-to-end solution that helps manage the residential life-cycle from resident acquisition, on-line leasing, lease administration, property accounting and maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Voyager Residential provides internet listing, on-line leasing, leasing workflow, property accounting, statutory and management reporting, maintenance and inspections, a resident’s portal, budgeting and forecasting.

Types of client reporting available

Deep reports are available within the system for all types of activities. As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, the software integrates incoming calls to the property manager, adds reminders in their Outlook and can trigger a document that needs to be included when contacting suppliers, residents and directors.

As part of the implementation process, clients (users/managing agents) are trained on the creation of the reports they require and they should take ownership of this process to create the reports that they need.

The software also allows for trend analysis; reports are stored at the end of each week or month, and these are then used to report on trends over a period of time. There is no need to export and manually manipulate the data.

Full drill-down is available on all information for full visibility.

What information can residents see?

Lease information, charges and payments are all fully transparent. Residents can log in and make payments for standard or ancillary services, as well as logging maintenance issues, which automatically generate a message to the property manager to take action. Residents have access to a bulletin board – this gives them the ability to see what is happening within the block, and can include updates to social media. Residents can also report faults through the portal, by telephone or email.

All software is browser agnostic ie, it can be used on IE, Safari, and Firefox and is fully mobile-enabled. There are a number of mobile apps available such as payment authorisation – which makes it possible to sign off expenses/charges while on the move. Removing the need for emails to be sent asking for approval, these are set up as a notification once the charge reaches a limit for director approval.

What information can directors see?

Directors get visibility of management performance, marketing effectiveness, aged debtors, aged creditors, profit and loss accounts and trial balance (ensuring bookkeeping entries are correct) at both property and portfolio levels.

Does Voyager integrate with finance packages such as Sage?

The software is a comprehensive financial system with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank Book. It can also integrate with Sage but is more flexible and powerful than Sage. Accounting is RICS compliant.

Insurance / Valuations

Insurance information can be stored and maintained and users notified of critical dates relating to insurance, including renewals. Valuations can be imported and modelled and can be calculated within the system.

Cloud or in-office hosting

Yardi’s solution is cloud-based, with the system housed in the UK and backed up in Amsterdam every 15 minutes. Data is available in real time from desktop and mobile devices.

What can be automated for the property manager?

All tasks can be automated for the property manager, from adding in reminders for future dates, to the way that sign-off of expenses is handled. Automated workflows are modelled on industry standard best practices and there is a powerful planned and responsive maintenance module with scheduled works and inspections that includes mobile inspection apps.

How is data migrated for a managing agent using the system for the first time?

Yardi has a standard Import utility with predefined templates to load lease and financial data. A Yardi Systems project manager is assigned to devise a detailed project plan and work with the client to ensure a smooth installation.

Are there additional modules or add-ons available?

Yes, add-ons are available for advanced maintenance, job costing for construction and refurbishments and inspections as well as inventory control.

About Yardi Systems

Yardi is a privately owned company with headquarters in Santa Barbara and 74 offices worldwide. With more than 3,700 employees the company has 75% market share of the Multi Family market in the USA and more than 100 clients in Europe. Having studied the market in the USA they are now using this experience to move in to the UK market place.

For more information contact: Martin Gedney 01908 308463