Tramps/Dwellant, Trace Solutions

Tramps and Dwellant have formed a partnership to create powerful accounting software and a user friendly interactive front end. Tramps-Dwellant is an integrated software solution designed to streamline everything about managing a building. The package aims to ensure that RMC directors are kept well informed and up-to-date and know what their responsibilities are. 

Key features and benefits are:

  •  Streamlined communication – talk and listen to your tenants on a private, branded online forum.
  •  Online task management – log tasks and monitor progress online.
  •  Automated quotation and work order processes – simple for all your contractors.
  •  No more forgotten tasks – a comprehensive to-do list minimises staff handover time and means you never come unprepared to a residents’ meetings.
  •  Deal with everything live – mobile versions for all smart phones, which lets you handle requests while you’re on site or on the move.

A mobile / tablet version is available for residents and managing agents.

What type of client reporting is available?

Access to reports is dependent on who you are. Senior property managers can be provided with overview reporting for all the buildings, down to on-site staff and tenants in a building. As a single database handling all of the property management and financial accounts, instant reports and analysis are available for all fields.

What information can residents see?

Residents have access to information relating to service charge reporting and payments due, as well as a notice board for issues they and other residents have raised, together with the ability to share and discuss issues with other residents.

What information can directors see?

All the above information is available to RMC directors, but with the addition of information such as meeting agendas and minutes. Access is broken down by type with different levels for lease holders and tenants,such as meeting agendas and minutes. Access is broken down by type with different levels for lease holders and tenants.

Can residents report faults?

Faults can be reported by residents and directors online; these are fed back to the property manager for action, which updates the status seen by the residents. They are also able to merge requests into one and still provide feedback to all. All parts of the process are visible to residents, providing transparency but also reducing the number of calls the property manager may receive.

Accounting & Finance

It's easy to monitor performance at all levels - from an individual building to a client's entire property portfolio.

  •  See profits and costs in real time
  •  Display performance trends graphically
  •  Create automated reports
  •  Produce customised reports for clients

Insurance / Valuations

All documents are stored on the system for easy access such as insurance, but also copies of leases etc. These can then be viewed by residents as and when they require.

ARMA / RICS compliance

TRAMPS was specifically designed and built for managing agents, with RICS funds testing, service charge management and client reporting built right into the core. It's also fully compliant with OSCRE standards (open

standards in electronic property management data) making it easy to share data with other property management systems and legal software. OSCRE-compliance can help avoid retyping data when new instructions are

taken on, saving time and eliminating errors. Follow the link here for more information about ARMA-Q

What can the software do?

Supplier information such as insurance is stored on the system. Important dates are flagged such as when the insurance expires, and processes automated to email the supplier and obtain a copy of their new insurance. The return process of the document is also automated and updated on to the system, if standard time frames pass then issues are flagged. Works orders can be raised, checking against personal, budget and section 20 limitations and notifications for quotations being automatically sent to contactors. Reminders are added to the dashboard for follow up, as well as being integrated within the system to prompt you, for example when to chase up a quote or in 5 years for planned redecoration.  

TRAMPS workflow recognises all key events. Whenever one comes up, TRAMPS will set off the appropriate triggers or alerts - so that in 25 years, or whenever that lease expires, it'll be TRAMPS that's telling you to take action.

  •  Expiries
  •  Notice dates
  •  Redecoration clauses
  •  Routine procedures

What can be automated for the property manager?

Everything can be automated. Property managers have a dashboard which shows unacknowledged requests – submitted by colleagues, directors or residents.

TRAMPS lets users automate more processes than ever before. Sophisticated 'management by exception' algorithms make sure that nothing important ever gets missed. The performance of these algorithms improves with use, as the software learns to minimise the number of false positives. By helping users to set up your automated processes, TRAMPS aims to ensure that they always function as expected. When works orders are raised, relevant documentation such as asbestos reports and H&S assessments can be attached by default. Invoices received are automatically added to the system and matched, with discrepancies being flagged. The whole process is traceable, and automated.

Are additional modules / add-ons available?

There is a specific iPad app available for site inspections. This can be personalised by site and property managers can log-in during inspections, tick off items, make notes and take photographs. The GPS location and time frames are logged on the app and photographs so there is now doubt when and where the inspection took place.

About Trace Solutions

Trace Solutions is a leading supplier of property management and accounting systems with 40 years’ experience. Owned and managed by the staff, the company bases its success on innovative software with a focus on ease of use and automated processes and exceptionally high levels of customer support.

For more information contact Graham Davies 020 7825 1000