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The Qube for block management system is packed full of features which the company claims bring real benefits to property managers – particularly in terms of their customer service and the accuracy of work and efficiency, meaning that they can spend time on more profitable activities and not have to worry about compliance.

Some of the key benefits are:

  •  Improved customer service - allow clients to self-serve and pay 24/7 by using the tenant portal, which in turn enables property managers to free up resources
  •  Optimised property performance - increase returns through improved service charge and ground rent collections using the sophisticated debt control and reporting capabilities
  •  Win more business - impress committees with block management reporting and accounting capabilities
  •  Never miss a date - improve your efficiency with automated diaries for key activities
  •  Comply - remove regulatory and compliance concerns, with full support for ARMA / RICS guidance
  •  Free up time with improved efficiency – Qube aims to reduce manual workloads with its efficiently structured and automated business processes. This means that property managers only do things once, with all property and transaction data in a single place
  •  Improve accuracy - for instance, by linking to your banking system to eradicate manual reconciliation
  •  Use industry standards - talk the same language as the rest of the industry by using industry standard tools and reports.

What type of client reporting is available?

Qube supports a full range of client reporting, including service charge reports (reconciliation, expenditure reports, budget vs actuals etc.) and payment reports (debtors, payment performance etc.).

What information can residents see?

Essentially, there is no real limit to what residents can see – as long as that data is held within the system. Exact levels of visibility are subject to security/privacy levels required. In most cases, it is usual to see payment

histories, service charge statements, maintenance requests and so on.

What information can directors see?

Again, it is possible to pull through information from within Qube for directors to see. This can be through a portal, with the information pulled from Qube or via automatically generated and emailed reports.

Is there a mobile/tablet site for residents?

While there is not a dedicated app for viewing the self-serve portal, it is accessible through any mobile device (Qube is developing specific apps for other purposes, for example site survey app for property inspections will be available in the near future).

Can residents report faults?

Yes. They can report faults and then check on the status of repairs. This fully integrates with all other data and parts of the system – including the property helpdesk and purchaser/supplier elements.

Does Qube integrate with finance packages such as Sage?

Yes. Qube has been linked to a number of accounting packages, including Sage – and this is a common requirement. However, it should be recognised that Qube is also an accounting package and supports full company accounting as well as client accounting.

Insurance / Valuations

The Qube system is flexible enough to deal with any additional information that property managers may require. The built-in document manager will store associated documentation and images and screens / fields customised by the end user (system administrator) to hold any information that needs to be stored.

ARMA / RICS compliance

Qube property management software will help organisations comply with ARMA and RICS guidelines. If organisations using Qube follow the company’s best practice advice, Qube is confident that they will comply with the requirements of ARMA-Q. Some of the first companies to achieve ARMA Q status use Qube and the company’s processes are consistent with the requirements of the RICS service charge code of practice – meaning that companies using Qube effectively will be compliant.

Cloud or in-office hosting

Qube can be deployed in the way that best suits the customer. We are able to deliver server based solutions; install Qube onto thirdparty hosted solutions or to offer the software as a service through our own virtual private cloud.

What can the software do?

Due to the number of companies using the software and the varied nature of these organisations, Qube is a highly functional system. A few highlights are listed here.

Diary functionality is a core element of the Qube solution and diaries can be set to any user of the system, against any record within the system. A recent major release of Qube also linked the diary (as well as email) functionality to Outlook, meaning that diary reminders will not only show in a user’s Qube calendar, but also in Outlook.

Qube’s Maintenance Management Module enables you to organise the maintenance of your properties, units and assets quickly and efficiently from the logging of a reactive call, or the recording of planned work, right through to the receipt and payment of a supplier’s invoice. The Maintenance Management Module also provides invaluable information regarding the on-going costs of maintaining your assets and the status of jobs analysed by user, or across all staff, highlighting those which are overdue or awaiting completion. Most importantly, due to the integration with other Qube modules, it enables you to keep a close eye on expenditure, checking budgets and committed amounts before raising orders for more work and ensuring that costs are not incurred on assets that are still within their guarantee or warranty period.

There is a multi-stage approach to workflow from within Qube. For many customers, their workflow will begin with an experienced Qube Consultant, who will assist them with defining their business processes. These processes are initially created from best practice processes used by other customers.This gives the customer a base to start with and they will often adopt their way of working in line with Qube as it is more efficient. We are then able to build workflows for customers or they are able to use the simple Workflow Engine within Qube to create and implement their own definitions.

In action, remote access to the system, perhaps from a mobile device, allows workflows to be progressed away from the office and this will be supplemented shortly by the release of the Qube Task Hub, which will allow for even easier access to workflows, including from suppliers and (if necessary) residents.

What can be automated for the property manager?

Most reports and routines within the software can be automated to suit the property manager. Reports can be generated at the appropriate time and automatically sent to recipients and routines can run out of hours to ensure that there is no impact on the business.

What support is available?

Qube Global Software offers support on a number of different levels and, unlike many other suppliers in the industry, we do not charge for this over and above the licence fee. Our support team is available over the phone, via email or through screen sharing, and has forged a great reputation among our 500- strong customer group for solving issues promptly and efficiently. However, we also encourage customers to help themselves, with extensive help files being available through the software and a ‘Customer Zone’; an information portal, available to offer a huge amount of information.

We send out regular communications to our customers – Qube Direct which is a monthly information bulletin and Qube Plus, a quarterly publication helping users to get the most from the software.

We also offer regular events for customers, an annual Customer Conference and regional Roadshows – both of which enable customers to see more of the software, get advice on how to get the most from Qube and a chance to network with like-minded users.

How is data migrated for a managing agent using your system for the first time?

The input of data is a key part of the ‘prototyping’ of a new Qube installation and many customers do this manually, using this process to familiarise themselves with the software.

However, for others, particularly those moving to use from other suppliers, this is not an option (although they should always still go through the familiarisation). In that case, we will manage an import of the data – and this can be done with either static data, or full financial information.

Are additional modules / add-ons available?

Qube has a core system, with a number of add-ons available depending upon the requirements of the individual organisation. Each Qube system is tailored for the unique needs of each customer based on their business processes and their budget.

About Qube Global Software

Qube Global Software is one of the world’s leading suppliers of property and facilities management software and has been providing solutions to its customers for nearly 40 years. With a global network of offices and customers, software products can be delivered on a wide variety of the latest technology platforms and databases.

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