Propman, Grosvenor Systems

Propman from Grosvenor Systems is a single non-modular system that has been designed to be easy to use for new or occasional users. The ease of navigation and its logical and intuitive database structuremeans that information can be quickly and easily accessed wherever you are in the system.

As a non-modular application, Propman includes extensive functionality as standard. The company is continually adding new functionality which our users receive automatically via regular software updates. The updates are provided free of charge under the terms of the annual maintenance agreement and therefore users are protected against future enhancement costs. Examples of major functionality included as standard (that would be considered as separate modules in modular systems) include:

  •  User defined report writer
  •  Purchase ledger
  •  Planned and reactive maintenance (Jobs) including Purchase Order production
  •  Fixed asset register
  •  Utility meters register (including meter readings)
  •  CRM (communication record management)
  •  Direct Debit collections

Key features and benefits include:

Propman is an off-the-shelf product so it needs little configuration and therefore can be deployed very quickly i.e. you don’t need to build the solution from scratch. In addition to the extensive range of standard fields available, users have the ability to easily create an unlimited number of their own customised fields, which can also be included in reports and trigger diary reminders. Propman users therefore have the best of both worlds: a customisable off the shelf application which is available for use immediately from installation and contains known functionality (i.e. Propman users take delivery of what has been demonstrated to them).

All of our implementation and training is tailored to the customer as opposed to standard courses. Our training is consultative, onsite, using your data and carried out over an agreed period of time in line with your ‘go live’ date. This is as opposed to standard training courses with standard syllabuses and which may be provided to multiple companies at the same time.

Propman has multiple licence types providing differing levels of access according to the role of the user. The Propman database is highly secure and has full security functionality, configurable for each user, including the ability to force regular password changes etc.

What types of client reporting are available?

Propman is a double entry open item accounting system and can provide full financial reporting such as Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, arrears and collections reporting as well as traditional client statements. Propman has more than 200 standard reports available which can be produced seamlessly in Microsoft Word and/or Excel, providing our clients with powerful reporting facilities. Propman also features, as standard, an in-built User Defined Report Writer enabling users to quickly and easily create their own reports in Microsoft Excel. The report writer has been specifically designed to be easy to use, so that users of all IT skillsets can easily design and produce their own reports without having to learn to use a separate product. A Report Scheduler is also included, enabling users to run reports automatically at a particular date and time or frequency.

What about Web access

We offer three Web Access portals which work in conjunction with the main version of Propman and enable remote access via users’ corporate website for specific end parties to information such as the following:

  •  Overview of the property, pictures, information, news on the home page;
  •  Download published documentation (e.g. insurance certificates, health & safety reports etc.);
  •  View/download statements;
  •  Make online payments for rent, service charge, insurance etc. (via SagePay);
  •  View and update* maintenance works (* Propman User portal only);
  •  Highlight service charge expenditure and remaining budget.

This enables leaseholders to have access to real time information whenever they need it and are not restricted to the property manager’s business hours. Furthermore, it empowers tenants to be able to pay online, at their convenience, so that property managers receive the money promptly, with reduced processing time.

What information can residents see?

The Propman Tenant/Resident Web Access enables tenants to log on and access information and documents relating to their properties including the ability to view/download statements of account and make online payments (via SagePay). These features provide a quick and efficient way of communicating with residents around the clock.

What information can directors see?

The Propman Client/Directors Web Access allows property managers to offer additional services to their clients, by providing them with a higher level of access than residents to their property portfolio (e.g. current bank balances, debtors etc.) and a quick and efficient way of communicating information around the clock.

Is there a mobile/tablet site for residents?

The Propman Web Access Portals are accessed via property managers’ corporate websites and therefore they can be viewed on Mobile/tablets.

Can residents report faults?

Yes, Contact Us forms can be setup on the Web Access products enabling residents to email information to the relevant property manager.

Accounting and Finance

Propman is a fully fledged property management and financial accounting application and therefore includes as standard Nominal, Sales and Purchase ledgers. All transactions are created and stored immediately in real time and all relevant parts of the application are immediately updated. Ordinarily our users use Propman to manage the accounts, however, we have various users that integrate Propman with their corporate financial system e.g. Sage, SUN, SAP etc.

Insurance / Valuations

Propman has the ability to store comprehensive insurance and valuation information for all property records and includes extensive reporting.

ARMA / RICS compliance

ARMA and RICS unfortunately don’t accredit any software, however, all of our managing agent users and ARMA members are audited by these institutions and who therefore use Propman as part of this process.

Cloud or in office hosting

Propman can be deployed in a variety of environments such as on an internal IT infrastructure or on an externally hosted infrastructure/cloud.

Diaries / reminders for follow up

Propman has an in-built diary which will automatically remind you of any key dates stored within the database. When users log into Propman they will automatically be notified on any diary reminders due up to that day and can optionally review/update the list of diary items. The diary items are a mixture of standard reminders (such as lease expiry, review and break dates) and user-defined reminders (such as H&S inspections).

Optionally, diary items can be progressed through user defined Progression Stages and a chronological history of stages is automatically stored against the diary item for future review. Additionally, progression stages can be set up to trigger the production of correspondence and any documentation produced is permanently stored within Propman for subsequently retrieval.

The inbuilt CRM system in Propman can also automatically remind users when they log in of any outstanding communication events that may need following up. Propman also has an inbuilt PIR (purchase invoice register) which can automatically remind and present the relevant user with any invoices which need authorisation prior to payment approval.


Propman fully supports planned and reactive maintenance via its help desk. The user can store details of planned or contracted cyclical maintenance events. The system can issue letters to contractors informing them of work they are expected to carry out, and then create automatic job records to track completion of the task.

Propman also keeps track of all unplanned or reactive maintenance events, from initial calllogging, through automatic production of purchase orders, to input of contractor invoices. Users can define their own job workflow stages, which can be set to generate standard documentation or automatic e-mails for full tracking through to completion.

Additional features include:

  •  Suggested contractor mechanism based on area and type of work;
  •  Automatic e-mailing/faxing of purchase orders to contractors;
  •  Generation (and subsequent reversal) of ‘committed’ expenditure journals when order produced;
  •  Full history of job workflow, including the display of associated documentation;
  •  Purchase order value limit per user;
  •  Section 20, warranty, inspection and servicing warnings; and
  •  Funds checking

Project records help you track the expenditure across more complex projects, such as developments or refurbishments, through the nominal ledger and budget-reporting functions. The flexibility of the system enables you to track internal workflow tasks in addition to jobs involving external contractors.

Workflow and assigning tasks

The Diary, Jobs and PIR functions provide extensive workflow functionality as all of the records and associated reminders are allocated to specific users for processing. Furthermore, records/reminders can be reallocated to a different user where required and the Diary and Jobs functions enable the automatic production of correspondence according to user defined templates on defined trigger points.

The Purchase Invoice Register (PIR) enables the user to be automatically notified of PIR items allocated to them and review a list of those items. The user can then opt to see a scanned copy of the invoice/credit note, review and code the associated Job record (if applicable) and ultimately approve the invoice/credit note for posting in to the purchase ledger, where it will eventually be paid.

What can be automated for the property manager?

Propman is specifically designed to streamline and automate business processes to save users time, including the bulk production of correspondence such as tenant demands, arrears, statements, general correspondence and supplier POs and remittance advices. These documents can be automatically emailed where required by tenants or suppliers.

Propman also includes service-charge specific functionality, such as the ability to automatically calculate any balancing charges or credits to the tenants where the actual expenditure is different to that budgeted for, and can automatically calculate the service charge budget for the upcoming year.

What support is available for the managing agent from your company?

Grosvenor operates a Propman help desk which is staffed by our Implementation Training Team which resolves all queries from our users.

How is data migrated for a new managing agent using your system?

Propman is a very easy to use system where data can be added or updated very quickly. Furthermore, we have a range of import routines available that enable users to upload large volumes of data (e.g. lease information) into Propman via Excel spreadsheets.

Are additional modules / add-ons required?

The main version of Propman is a nonmodular application and therefore contains all current functionality. The optional data import tools and web access portals for clients, tenants and Propman users are available at separate cost.

About Grosvenor systems

Grosvenor Systems Ltd has been developing, supporting and selling software packages for 34 years. Propman, our leading property management and integrated financial accounting software solution, has been utilised in the UK property market since its release in 1991. Propman’s usage covers the whole industry including Property Owners, Block Management Companies, Managing Agents (Commercial, Rural and Residential), Property Occupiers, Diocese and Public Sector/Local Authorities.

For more information contact Matthew Smith 020 7378 8358 / 07825 123599