ARMA-Q Consumer Charter - Delivered by TRAMPS & Dwellant

As part of the Flat Living software review one of the areas that providers look to address is ARMA-Q Compliance.   

The Consumer Charter (what the users of ARMA-Q Managing Agents should expect as a result) consists of 10 core promises.  

TRAMPS & Dwellant address these issues in the following ways:

1. Be honest, fair, open and transparent and provide a timely and professional service with access to the information needed.

  • All relevant information is permissioned to the correct groups – including maintenance tasks and their progress history, associated quotes & invoices, the contractors used and any existing contractor relationships
  • All documentation is available online for inspection, including H&S-related maintenance tasks, current status and next due date.  Various reports give a real-time picture of the ‘health’ of a building
  • Communication with residents (S20) and contractors (H&S) meets industry standard wording
  • Response times are faster because
    • Any staff member can respond meaningfully to queries as all building information is available online 24/7
    • The service is browser-based so is accessible from any online device (including smart phones)
  • Transparency remains even when residents change.  When new residents move in, the building history is available and searchable.  Estate regulations are available to new and existing residents and updated in moments.
  • Property Managers are equipped to become more proactive by ‘pushing’ information directly to resident’s fingertips.

2. Act with skills, care, diligence and without discrimination

  • All resident communication is archived indefinitely for later inspection
  • Any information requiring detailed examination is made available via the website and can be downloaded
  • All postings can be produced (automatically) in hard copy for those not online, or as text messages – to address those not online but with a mobile phone.
  • Because all content is permissioned according to the relevant groups (Director / Lessee / Tenant etc) – a comparable  level of service is provided to all residents without compromising data security

3. Make sure that all their staff are appropriately trained and knowledgeable

  • Alerts permissioned only to Property Managers are added to the website to alert members to changes in legislation or Company process.
  • Online chat, user videos and unlimited (local call) telephone support ensures a constant ‘training trickle’.

4. Have written terms of business

  • All terms of business are available online and are kept up –to-date by simply uploading a new version
  • New uploads trigger email notification to residents – the open rate of which is logged

5. Provide their Complaints Handling Procedure specifying the Ombudsman Scheme to which they subscribe

  • The Complaints Handling Procedure is posted on the website, with links to the Ombudsman.
  • Automated  electronic processes are setup to alert Senior Managers  to complaints. 
  • Initial complaint time and comments are logged to provide an audit trail.
  • Escalation processes can be incorporated to ensure correct treatment of complaints

6. Comply with all relevant legal requirements and relevant codes of practice

  • S20 notices are automatically produced with the correct standard wording
  • By default, all works orders attach H&S report, asbestos info and any other important building so that contractors are fully informed
  • Post online the final accounts and agreed budgets – for review 24/7 by permissioned residents
  • Data protection fully observed 

7. Avoid conflicts of interest

  • Previous relationships with suppliers are disclosed with the full detail of previous jobs, personal and professional relationships  and strength of client / supplier relationship

8. Maintain clear, accurate and up-to-date financial records

  • TRAMPS equips Managing Agents to deliver meaningful financial information to non-financial people
  • Regular reports address the needs of  Freeholders, Lessees and Building Directors
  • Financial records remain up-to-date by linking with the front-line workflow process to ensure that committed funds are accounted for
  • All processes used comply with RICS and ARMA codes of practise

9. Ensure that any client money is held separately from the managing agent’s other monies

  • Client monies are always kept separate from other client accounts and Managing Agent monies, with a separate ring-fenced area held specifically for reserve funds and separate projects.
  • Complex estate funds are managed by allowing 999 permutations for charging varying elements at a schedule level with varying parameters.

10. Hold appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance certificates are posted online with the appropriate expiry date.  This triggers reminders to the Managing Agent to upload the new certificate.
  • PI for all contractors is automatically managed.  Contractors are asked for documentation as it expires and are not allocated work if PI (and other documents) are out of date.  A simple ‘traffic light’ alert indicates which contractors are compliant.